Why Golden South Sea Pearl Is A Fabulous Jewel?

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Golden South Sea pearls are produced by the “gold-lip” oyster variety, which is a general South Sea pearl oyster. Most common pearl is white, cream and silver in color. However these kinds of pearl are very rare and affordable.

collection-pendants_gssGolden South Sea pearls are better-quality compared to the general customary white pearls. These pearls encompass a golden metallic gloss. Each pearl is very exclusive and does not look like any other. The pearl is recognized as a status symbol for every person. The superiority, shine, complexion, shape, and size of our Golden South Sea pearls are vital. Due to the countless variety of shapes and colors of the Golden South Sea pearls they gel with any design of ornament and also with any kind of pricey metal like gold, silver and platinum. It doesn’t just stand as jewelry but is also a status statement for most. Women of all age…

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Tahitian Pearls Are Known For Their Unique Black Color And Are Also Referred To As Black Pearls

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Tahitian pearls get their name from the island of Tahiti which is the place of their origin, but these pearls are nowadays harvested in a large area around the island of Tahiti. They are also known as the queen of pearls and extracted from the black lipped oyster found in Tahiti. Their color ranges from iridescent black to grey and greenish black. There are six factors – luster, nacre thickness, surface, size, shape and color that define the quality of these pearls.


The nacre thickness determines how long the beauty of the pearls will last. The pearls with thicker nacre are known to last longer than ones with a thin nacre. The luster and surface come next and the pearls are graded as A, B, C and D according to quality. The A grade pearls have a mirror like luster and are the most expensive as the grade decreases, so…

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The Pearl Source – Customer Service Reviews

The Pearl Source was founded in 1991 in Los Angeles, California. It has since grown to become one of the largest pearl importers and distributors in the country. Because it’s a family owned and operated online store, The Pearl Source offers customer care that other online gem stores cannot rival.

Buy loose pearls at wholesale prices. Or, have the gems placed in custom settings to create your own unique pearl necklaces, strands of pearls, pearl earrings, pearl engagement rings and other customized pearl jewelry.

Each gemstone can be left asan uncolored, natural pearl, or can be treated to create amazing pearl colors. Every pearl sold in The Pearl Source online store is inspected by a pearl specialist, who ensures high quality.

This pearl Store has been in business over 25 years. That’s because the team at The Pearl Source prides itself on having lasting relationships, which means providing excellent customer service. Read Reviews Today!